Project not saving to device

I have made a new project on Drone Deploy on my desktop computer. But when I log into my android phone or my iPad the project I made isn’t available. Does anyone have any idea why it won’t show up.

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I’ve had this happen several times with iPad 5 and iPad Mini 5. I create flight plans on the PC (much quicker) then always verify the map on the iPad and enable ‘off line’ before leaving for the fields. Several times the folders are gone, so I drive back home and resync which has worked so far, but very time consuming. I asked DD to give us an indication of whether the iPad is syncing or done.

I am not surprised on a 5th gen 9.7 but the Mini 5 should be all good. How many offline projects do you have?

Good point about how many offline projects as have seen that cause issues or items not saving to local.

If I remember right we are limited to 10 off line maps, perhaps as to not to use up memory/storage. I turn them on/off as I needed, clean them up every time I come home so I don’t forget. This feature is essential in Western Kansas where cell phone coverage is only around some towns, rarely in the farm fields I map.

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I recently had a similar issue with the DD not syncing with my drone ipad 9.7 (5th gen). I had done the following:

  1. I had mapped out a school mission from home using the web interface.
  2. Connected my drone ipad to internet at home and made sure the latest map was downloaded.
  3. Arrived at the site and using the drone ipad connected to my personal hotspot, changed the height to 75’.
  4. Discovered that I need to change the area to not include some trees, went into the site’s higher speed internet web interface (preferred interface) to change the mission area.
  5. Reconnected the drone ipad to my personal hotspot to get the latest mission, but it didn’t sync or download. I quit the app and cleared out the ipad memory, and the ipad still did not reflect the map change. (Also, I was in a remote area and the data speed was not ideal)

I was able to complete the mission by changing the mission area on the ipad itself, but why didn’t the web version and ipad version not sync?

I reached out to DD support and Danielle P had this response:
“It sounds as though there may have been a syncing error when you went into the school to change your map plan to readjust for the trees in the area. Sometimes this can happen if there is connection interference or if your iPad does not have a solid or strong enough connection to sync. In the future, we would recommend changing the flight plan on your iPad if you can. If you must go into the school to change things on a computer, I would recommend bringing your iPad with you, connecting it to the WiFi and that would allow for successful sync in most cases.” I was unable to connect the ipad to the site (secured wifi).

I think it would be helpful for DD to provide better sync completion status information (For example: unable to connect, unable to sync, % sync progress, completed with date/time). When we are out in the field, it is sometimes necessary to make changes to the mission (using the preferred web interface) and then syncing back with the ipad, this information would be helpful to understand what is going on.

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