Progress report plan

In progress plan if there is any option for I can add my additional images which I taken from my DSLR. upload this DSLR images in progress plan then I can generate a report this is useful for me

At present I am working for builders and I will visit every month to the construction sites and capture all the construction activities and share that report to the builder.

Why I am more interested in progress report.

last 10 years I am working as a progress update for Builders. By using my DSLR.

For 2D 3D mapping so many services are available like Pix4D, AutoDesk Recap etc…

But in progress report plan your are only the one in this industry. But you need to upgrade the progress plan in more detail. This will help for the builders and your business also.

Yes, you can upload any photos you want, but they must be uploaded at the same time from the same directory. Also, wanted to make sure that you saw the notes area for each image…