Progress Report - Images Out of Focus

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Thing is, a year ago we hadn’t ever considered using a drone to assist me in my duties and only after several months of pestering did I convince my company to invest. I laid out a budget for software, hardware and training and it was approved on the premise I used my own drone whilst in the probation period. That period hasn’t passed yet so I will be forgiven for trying to get the best results I can out of what is available to me today.

We then discovered Android and its USB characteristics weren’t the most friendly and so we went out and bought iOS. It just keeps adding up and it’s one thing to go to my company and request further expenditure if they’re getting something extra for their money, but it’s a completely different story when all of the money spent on hardware to date is because the software isn’t doing what was promised. A P4 V2 and sufficient batteries over here would be about £3k.

I am exceedingly grateful for the support the DD staff give here in the forum, but I really need for those behind the scenes to instruct the technicians to concentrate their efforts on the bugs before expanding on the number of bells and whistles. In this instance, I’m not even asking them to fix something that’s reliant on DJI. I’m asking them to implement the same workaround they thought to include for the standard missions. Without including those manual toggles in the standard missions, we would not have even considered a subscription.

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Totally get ya there. It’s hard to sit back and imagine how many things are being worked on when there’s something hanging out there that would greatly impact your success. I feel you on the asking for money too, LOL. I had to start with a used Phantom 3 Pro. You can pick up a refurbished P4P v1 for $1k-1,100 now and $350 for a couple of batteries and a hard case. I still get you though. Plus, I bet your ownership would barely see the difference in quality and definitely not you’re lessened heartache.

That’s exactly right. On day to day use, my company would barely appreciate the uplift in quality of results for a standard mission. As far as I can tell, the major downside on using a Mavic and not a P4 is the length of time it takes to get similar results. The lower resolution and narrow field of view mean that I need a lower altitude which consequently means more passes and slower ones too to avoid motion blur. This isn’t something my company understand. They don’t measure the length of time it takes me to stand in the field, just the results. If I wasn’t so diligent I guess I could have just produced a crap result and demanded a better drone but then the idea of using a drone would never have gotten of the ground in the first place. I initially bought it as a toy, for me, and its portability for me was key. I can ride off on my bicycle one summer’s evening by the lake and get some great pics. I do still think it was the right choice but admittedly there isn’t a DD mission I don’t wish for a P4.

What’s bugging me here is that there is a very, very simple fix for Mavic’s blurry progress report pics that should be extremely easy to implement.

Week 5 - First picture was taken manually by me in Go4 before starting the DD mission. The second is the first ‘throwaway’ shot taken by DD at the start of its mission before heading off to to the first waypoint.

I deliberately lifted the gimbal a touch in hope it might influence the point of focus - it didn’t help!



Hi Andrea. I don’t suppose your tech department have evaluated and made a decision of my request have they? Thank you. J.

Can I hope no news is good news? :slight_smile:

Hi @JamesC,

I am following up with you via direct message to prevent this forum thread to extend more with update status.