Progress Photo and Video Flights

Could we get the ability to change to direction and starting point of the flight?

Something like this?



Or Something totally different?

For video and progress photo flights. They always start at the northernmost point and run clockwise.

Dang DJI and not letting me get to play with all the new DD features :frowning:

So when you get your new controller will you be able to use DD with your P4RTK?

Oh, but regardless of that you can still upload your videos (1080p), panos (tiles) and progress photos…


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Not getting a new controller for the P4RTK, I’m stuck with this one for now. Hopefully @AlexHennessey will push DD to create a P4RTK version since there are a lot of P4RTK being sold and needing a better front-end software. DJI is moving slow on releasing new features to the RTK Software.

We are getting a controller for our P4Pv2.

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Ahh, gotcha. I got a little excited for a second there… :star_struck: