Processingoes it take and what is the cost?

New to this. I normally fly an Ebee Plus but have been using a Mavic to get pictures of our pattern blasting. The processing for stitching the pictures together is done where? and by whom?

I am a Surveyor and am exited about what the drone technology is taking my field. Looking foward to hearing from you.


Hi @Contract_Merc,

Welcome to the world of drone mapping! I’d like to start off by noting that we do not officially support the eBee Plus for our flight planning feature, so if you’d like to use that, I suggest taking a look at our Supported Drones page.

We, DroneDeploy, do the processing if you choose to use our services. Take a look at our Processing Options page for more info.


@Contract_Merc, Welcome and it’s good to here some enthusiasm for drones and surveying in the same discussion. While DroneDeploy won’t fly the Ebee, I would make a pretty good bet that they can process the images. @Christina, Can you manually upload images with the free or trial accounts? Might be a good way to try some of your own data with each aircraft…

*edit. Haha, not sure why this popped up on my radar as it’s two months old, but all the same. Did you end up making any decisions?