Processing large map results in poor result. Small sections of the same map work fine

We have done a survey of a 23 acre industrial site. It has 900 images in it (NADIR and oblique) . When I upload the images, one section of road renders very poorly in 3D. If I upload only the NADIR images that relate to that section of road it renders fine. How can I add a good render of that section to the rest of the map without it generating the same error. Really struggling to get help from DD


We have some good docs on best practices that should be helpful for you:

Hopefully those are helpful!



Hi Mike
Thanks for this. I’d read those already. A small number of my image have the horizon in. Am I best to exclude those. I am assuming cropping the image is an absolute no?

You should be able to crop the images to remove the horizon.

Give it a go and let us know if that helps.

I had previously done a map with a few images with the horizon and was told to exclude those. Unfortunately I had to re-upload all of the images to try again. It did work though…