Processing error logs

It would be such a time saver to have feedback via logs or other flags if a map processing attempt failed.

Instead of having to start at ground zero in terms of troubleshooting the failure it would give us a starting point to try to get a good map generated if we knew generally why the processing had failed.

The failure email provides some feedback for why it failed. Have you seen those suggestions?

The feedback is this:

Unfortunately, we could not process your data into a map.

For more guidance on creating successful maps, please see our guide and blog post on best practices in creating maps.

If you continue to experience issues in mapping this area, please contact Support ( and we’ll provide further guidance."

If that’s it then I’d say it’s definitely lacking in terms of feedback.

Yeah, that’s not super useful.

We do try give suggestions for specific problems detected. It looks we didn’t have anything useful to tell you. Sorry about that, if you send me the map link - I can give it a look.