Processed map GCP markers


I asked about this a long time ago, but never made an official request so here it is. I would like to have some type of marker similar to the location annotation, but distinctly different that is automatically placed on my maps that have been processed with GCPs. When clicked I would like for it to report the CSV file data that was uploaded. I like the new feature that you show us when uploading so just bring that into the final map, but better. Speaking of GCP data values, it would also be nice to be able to create a report or at least just view it on the screen. It could be part of the accuracy report instead of showing just the RMSE values. Thanks!


Data Exports

Bumping this just to keep it in the mix. I really need a way to either download the GCP coordinates CSV and/or see annotation markers for them on the map. Proposed icon. :wink:




@MichaelL I know we chatted about this but I totally agree! I think this would be a great idea and would be very helpful for so many GCPs users. Feedback like this is awesome as it really helps us find areas of the product that can be improved for all users. Appreciate the great feedback!

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