Problems with the quality of the exported file

Hi community!

I have a doubt. Why the quality of the exported image is lower than the image on the DroneDeploy? My current plan is the pro.

When I exported the images (option export: 5cm/pixel) and load into the QGIS, I have some differences which I post here with images:

From DroneDeploy:


From DroneDeploy:

From QGIS:

Why those differences in pixels?


I forwarded your examples to the engineering team to take a look and get an answer back to you.

I’ve found that QGIS sometimes downsamples images to make them quicker to load. Right click on the layer file and select properties then the style tab and scroll down to resampling. Your image settings will probably be on nearest neighbour so choose bilinear and average and it should appear at higher resolution

Yes! It works out! Also, It was because of the cm/pixels of the image. I don’t know why but I exported the file in 5cm/px, but a few minutes ago I reviewed the export option and I noticed a new option: 2cm/px. Is that new for the pro-plan or I didn’t noticed?
Anyway, thanks for your help! This forum is full of helpful people!

By the way, @markwalters. I have other question about QGIS. I already load the new exported file from DroneDeploy, and it works out perfect when I zoom the image (look the printshots below).

From QGIS:

From DroneDeploy:

But what could be the reason I’m having this other differences when I zoom the image? For example, look the white lines on the photo.


From DroneDeploy

Do you have other tricks to improve the imagery on QGIS? Because I think the problem is on the QGIS, cuz in DroneDeploy the 2D map looks fantastic.

Thank you in advance!

@empire099 All of the picture links have gone so I cannot see the issue you describe. I think you only get 5cm/pixel on the Pro account so i’m not sure how you got a 2cm download if you are on that account. You get 2cm if you are on the Business account.

Dronedeploy updated its pricing a month or two ago and the pro plan does have 2cm/px now.

@chasemgray Oh right - that’s good news !