Problems with the DJI Phantom 3 Professional and Application. Samsung Tablet. Androi System

The application does not work, in the table Samsung Galaxy Tab E, operating system Androi Version 4.4.4. It does not recognize Drone Deploy as an application to connect to the Dron. In the phone Samsung S5, does not take photos, does not recognize the starting points for the mission.
The application stops and can not be opened.

Hi, the newest DJI SDK broke support for Android 4.4. You should be able to upgrade and it will work again. We’re sorry. We’re adding in some messaging which should let you still use the app but you will not be able to connect to the drone on less than Android 5.0.

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Since the last update, it started not being compatible with version 4.4.
Without it is compatible with version 5.0, but it has problems in taking the images (the dron does not go from front, it goes of side), to continue the mission does not find the last point.
The latest app updates are not good.
The dron has its last update 10.11.

Be aware that if using the S5 you might find it won’t connect if you have other drone apps on the phone, even if not running. I had to remove all but the app I needed at the time and uninstall the rest.