Problems with App DroneDploy

Good Morning,
I have had problems with my flight, what I did with respect to the focus of the camera, very low speed flight, many unnecessary braking, and when I send it back home it goes back up and down at very low speed or even zero. I notice this happens only when I’m using the DroneDploy App. With other App and manual flights this does not occur. I would like to know if this has happened with more users and if it is a system bug.

My equipment is a DJI Mavic Pro. I hug you all.

Hi @Gilvan_Andrade,

Apologies here but I’m having a bit of trouble understanding your issue. To clarify, when your drone is flying a mission, it frequently stops and hovers?

If so, can you share a bit more information?

  1. Are all of your devices on the latest app version and firmware (drone, mobile device, DroneDeploy app, and controller)?
  2. Does this happen with every single mission? How often does this occur?
  3. When you notice this happening, have you tried reflying the mission or creating a new mission in the same area to see if it occurs again?

We’ll start with these.

Hi Cristina,
First of all I would like to thank you for your feedback, thank you.

No, my drone does not float frequently, only in cases I’ve mentioned.

1 - Yes, I have all the devices updated in the latest version.

2 - It did not happen frequently, happened to occur about 20 days

3 - Yes, I already exclude and re-plan new flight plans for the same area and the problem is lost.

What worries me most is when I send him back home and it takes him to come back, why, he speeds up and stops, speeds up and stops. On one occasion I did not run out of batteries to return because of the delay in my return.

Thanks again for your attention.

Hi @Gilvan_Andrade,

It can be difficult to troubleshoot this issue as it does not happen often and does not repeat itself when you create new plans in the same area. It may be the case that the GPS signal was lost or low during this particular flight. If it becomes a persistent issue, please let us know immediately.