Problems in dashboard stiching

Chase hello i have some problems.
i have the last firmware on the craft .06 bin and the laste app from google play store.
i flew very well and continue mission without a problems.

my problem its when i upload the images to dronedeploy servers the stiching part it do not stick them corect, i have fly like 6 times the same map with all conditions of light and i can not get all the mapping correct i am frustated, can some one help me the projects are " imperial 3 and imperial 4" on my dashboard. i do not know maybe its to big to process or how know thanks.

and other problem its that when i bring my inspire back for continue mission when i change the batery and resume the mission start looping and lopping the check list i have to close ans restart the app again to continue the mission.

and it both cases i mention before in my dashboard if you see the flight logs they look like the mission did not continue and in those flight all mission were continues so i dont know whats happening. thanks chase.

It does look like something weird is going on because of the different colors and also the stretched areas. I’ll try to take a look today. Can’t at the moment because I’m out of office on the weekend but can try to see if there is anything obvious later today.

thanks in the second screen shot itsmore of the map if you can see my log , and is not even stiching image lacks almost half the map and this is happening over and over again in continues missions, thanks chase

even if i upload the same photos to a mapping software i get similar result if you see the image some points did not get picture or mach and you can see in here to the strech areas hope we can get whats the problem is.
all the photos that are corect you can see the 3d model nice the points that did not match the blue ones do not have picture and maybe thats why i can not see the 3d model corect, and the distortion or streched corners i di not know why that happend. thanks

does someone hace the answer to my problems thanks?

We have an engineer checking the images and resulting map.