Problem with orientation 3d model

Hi! What is the problem with orientation?
Phantom 3 professional
I tried 3 times. The result is the same.
2 weeks ago everything was correct:

I have the same problem - the model rotates around the wrong axis.

Ditto, all objects and terrain maps are oriented vertically.

Same here. Just did my first map run to try out DroneDeploy and the 3D model will not orbit the same way the example maps do. It just rotates around the z-axis instead of the y-axis. Model opens as a top-down view. Is this a bug or is the free-trial limited somehow in terms of map display?

Exact same thing here… My older maps work normally, but the news ones I just did yesterday rotate around the wrong axis.

Hi yall,

SketchFab, our model hosting site, made a change that is causing the rotation axis to be off. We’re fixing this ASAP. Sorry for the inconvenience!


Hi Everyone- this issue has been fixed, and models will be corrected over the next few hours. Please subscribe to our status page for email alerts:

Thank you all for your patience :slight_smile:

I am having the same issue with the map below. I re-processed the images yesterday.


Hi @gunford - I just double checked and saw that this wasn’t corrected last week. I’ve issues a support ticket for it. Sorry for the delay.

If anyone else sees a 3D model that is not rotatable on both axis, please send the Flight ID of the map to

Thank you!


@neema, this is happening to me currently.
Has there been another change to SketchFab? Everything was working fine last month, but now it’s broken.

I’m also seeing this problem on all the 3d models I generate, for example this one. For some reason, the models default to a Y-axis up position rather than Z-axis up.

I found this thread on Sketchfab’s support forum that says this can be changed under ‘advanced’ settings in Sketchfab, but that doesn’t seem to be available through DroneDeploy. Is this is Pro only feature maybe? @neema

The problem is we can’t change anything in Sketchfab since we are not the “owners” of our models. There are limited editing cababilities in Sketchfab that can only be accessed by the owner (DroneDeploy). Even a “Pro” account in Sketchfab won’t help…

That’s what I feared. Thanks for the confirmation. Someone at DD must have acted on my plea as my model is now magically oriented properly. Hopefully, we can own our own models in the future.