Problem with connection

Hello people. Need help. The dronedeploy when connected to the drone to upload the flight plan to phantom 4 pro recognizes the ispire1 model automatically and there is no option to switch to the correct model. I ask for help to resolve this issue. Thanks

Did you look in Advanced Settings at the bottom? The should be a model selection dropdown.

i do that, i select the correct camera model which is the phantom 4 pro. but when I connect with the drone, this option disappears and the plan that would be for just one battery changes to two, as it recognizes the model inspire1. This automatically!

This has been going on for a month. The DJI GO4 recognizes the model normally, but the dronedeploy connects as if it were the inspire1.

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Thanks for the detail, I figured you had tried it. Have you emailed support? I have seen a few cases of it getting stuck as a Mavic 2 Pro but not an Inspire. I don’t understand why the P4P isn’t the default. There are obviously allot more of them mapping than anything else. I guess the P4P is in danger of going away though.

exactly. it should have an automatic recognition, but in this case the app recognizes another model and it’s giving a lot of headaches!
I found it strange also when I use DJI GO4 and before I connect mavic2 automatically appears, and only when it connects to the drone that switches to phantom4 pro.
I have emailed support and am waiting for their response. thank you!

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