Problem with Account

Hi guys,

Any idea how a get from this, see link below

to this. where none of the other missions or project details are displayed in the left-hand bar

It’s annoying to say the least

Click the 3 bar next to Rollestone and then click Projects

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@Deemanwings If you are not wanting to see any of the other project information(2nd screenshot) you will want to select a project. When you are at the highest level of the menu you will see all of the projects on your account. I would recommend taking a look at our projects support pages:

Thanks Erica for getting back to me. I’ll have a look later today. I’m sure I have tried this, again without success. Can I attach a small vid clip of what happens?

Hi Erica, seems that the problem has resolved itself :slight_smile:

I’m also trying t get a response to how to the 360 image from DD to a web page with having to setup as a bitly link or the downloadable link wich looks a bit like a mercator projection of the stitched result. Can you advise please?

Many Thanks

In the meantime use Microsoft ICE to create your own. You can play with different projections too and check out different effects.

Thanks for the tipoff MichealL. What settings do you use please? I have tried several (there’s plenty to choose from) but none seem to produce the image as seen on DD.


You will want rotating capture and the spherical projection. At the end of the day you want a 16000 x 8000 canvas so I bring it into gimp, increase the size (not scaling) of the canvas I height wise and then use the fill tool for the area above. Kuula is a good place to store them and should have the functionality you are looking forward to share and/or embed. I’ll try to make a video today.

Beyond that, we are working to get DroneDeploy to accept the prepared pano image in addition to them creating it from the tiles.

Here’s a video of getting a correctly formatted image through Microsoft ICE and GIMP. Once it is saved you can upload it to whatever service you want and then embed. I like so it is easy to share a link or get the embed code.

Microsoft ICE 360 Pano Video