Problem setting my start point for a long mission

I’m using “Desktop Flight Planning” . As it is a long flight plan I try to set the start point in the middle of the flight so I can see my drone flying. The problem is that the first half of the flight(before my start point) appears as a dotted line.

When I launch the simulator, the first half of the flight is ignored…

What am I missing ?
Thanks for your help.

I would suggest checking with support through Chat or email so they can look at it in detail.

When you’re moving the start point to an alternative waypoint to that originally provided by DD, you are effectively asking it to start at waypoint no. 50 (or whatever it is) and ignore the first 49. You’re asking it to only survey from waypoint 50 onwards, not start at 50 and work forwards and then backwards.

The dashed line you are seeing is what it is claiming to have completed and is displayed like that after it has done flown it before a battery change. After a battery change, the previous part of the mission is shown dashed to show it’s done it and has no need to consider it again.

Dashed = completed.

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