Problem mapping with Mavic 2 Pro

I did a mapping job Saturday it was set for 200 feet and took 3 batteries. When I put the sd in my PC there were 2 folders and 756 pictures. After I submitted the images it was brought to my attention that some were missing. I checked the sd card and that was all there were. I was getting ready to do a re-shoot when I decided to connect the Mavic 2 to the PC with the USB cable. There were the missing 316 images in the internal storage. The pictures were from the last battery. I have a 32gb memory card that had plenty room for all the pictures 3 times over again. I’m just glad I checked as that would have made for a 3 hour job at my expense. Has this happened to anyone before?


Had something similar happen. Wonder why no one has answered yet!

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Im using the mavic 2 Zoom, but never had this issue. Did you made sure that you used the sd card right from the beginning? Maybe the internal storage was enabled in the DJI settings and after it was full, it swapped to the sd card storage somehow?


hi, I’m using M2Pro all the time without any problem like that. You may need to check the DJI Go4 app to see which storage your drone uses first. I suspect you chose internal memory and when it full, it started writing down on your SD. Cheers,