Problem Mapping at 90°

When rotating the flight pattern to 90° the pattern creates a huge gap in the middle of the map. Interestingly, this DOES NOT happen at 89° or 91°. Assuming this is a bug?

Yes this definitely shouldn’t happen. We will get it fixed.

My guess is that this has something to do with the mostly “round” map border, as the map produced form this flight also has extremely distorted imagery around those borders.

@danldurall can you share this flight plan with me at or send me the link. Will be helpful to reproduce for engineers.

Sent! However, this map was produced using a flight pattern at 0 degrees.

I remade the map plan just now and found the same error, though the gap was different. The map was made by importing a KML file, so that is likely a factor. Screen shot of new gap below.

thanks. can you also post the KML file. Think that may be the source.