Problem creating large maps


I need assistance regarding drone deploy flight planning, am facing several issues and also contacted the support center however recently i encountered a problem where flight plan is a complete rectangle/sq box whereas the actual flight path is only half way down. Attached are the pictures.
I also tried changing flighy direction still full area is not covered.

I would encourage you to chat with support on this one. I don’t see your pictures here.

Hi @Evigx,

Thanks for swinging by the DroneDeploy Forum. I’ve noted that you’ve been in touch with @Nipul and he suggested updating your DroneDeploy app. Can you verify that the issue still persists after updating and rebooting your devices?

Keep me posted,

@Christina or @Evigx what was the resolution? I have the same problem with my current project and it is costing us…

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Hi @dronepilot101!

Hope you are doing well. I am sorry to hear you may be experiencing an issue with flight planning. It sounds like you my be creating a flight plan, but the entire area is not populating with paths for the drone.

If you could write into support at with the following information I could help troubleshoot this with you:

-Are you planning this on desktop or a mobile device?
-If mobile device, which one are you using and is it and DroneDeploy fully up to date on it?
-If on desktop, this may be a browser issue, which browser do you use?

Looking forward to hearing from you so we can troubleshoot this together!