Pro Plan User - Can't export because file size too large?!


Okay - so I’ve flown a study area (134 acres) keeping to the limit for my plan of 1000 images.

I want to export the flight at 0.85 in/px as a single image geotiff… It gives me statement that ‘Export size too large to process, please try a lower resolution’

What is the point of the 1000 image limitation for a flight plan, if you stick to it but are limited to an export file size?

Is there anyway I can export my flight plan at this resolution ? The only other option is 2 in/px (I dont want this)

If there is a limitation to the export file size, should this not be noted in the pricing breakdown of each plan (I don’t remember seeing it referenced at all - and I wouldn’t of upgraded to Pro plan if I’d of known this before hand)

Thanks for the help…

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I agree that it shouldn’t be an option if the plan doesn’t support it, but what do you really need better than 2in/px for. At 134 acres your geoTiff will be at or more than a Gigabyte. I have a pretty hefty laptop and it still struggles with 100+ acre sites at 2in/px.



Hi @LukeEdAllen,

Sorry to hear you encountered an error while exporting your file. Unfortunately, massive files at a high resolution cannot be exported due to processing limitations. It would also be extremely difficult to manage the file without a super computer. In the past, we’ve seen large files cause computers to become slow to respond or crash image viewing programs.

There is no workaround for exporting large, high-resolution files at this time. For ease of viewing and managing your data, we recommend exporting at the next lowest resolution available. We’re sorry for the inconvenience!




should the “Tiled” option help? When should I use “Tiled”? If map is tiled, even old laptop can open one tile.



I agree with Luke. I run into same issue. I DD large areas and need to locate 12” round objects on the ground. I almost always need the highest resolution. Also, almost alll my files are 1GB plus and they display fine on PC.



Edit to my above post. What I meant was that editing 0.8in/px is where it gets cumbersome. Viewing is just fine.




I would really like some feedback on this. Perhaps the question is not clear. I propose “Cannot export maps under 2in/px when using default settings and between 800-1000 images?” Do the higher priced plans allow for higher resolution? Does a 3000 image plan allow only 8in/px? What am I missing?

NOTE: PC has no issue running GB image files!



Sorry, I don’t quite understand. You are proposing questions? Either way…

Default settings for what? I think all paid plans allow the native (best) resolution then 2, 4, 8 and 20in/px.



I apologize if I am not clear.

With the Pro Plan there is a limit of 1,000 images. With the Business plan there is a limit of 3,000 images.

When using the upper range of allowed images on the Pro Plan at 800-1000 images you can only export 2in/px resolution.

Stephanie indicates “There is no workaround for exporting large, high-resolution files at this time”

If that is case then does the business plan have even lower resolution at 3000 images?

I.e. assigning images a value of 1 and resolution a scale of 1-lowest (8in/px), 2 (4in/px), 3 (2in/px) and 4-highest (native) it works out to around 800 images X 3 (2in/px) quality = 2,400 max process ability

Then that means the highest image quality for Business Plan at 3,000 images is less than 8in/px.

Is this correct?



Gotcha. I wasn’t aware that the Pro plan couldn’t download the native resolution. The math is confusing though because we are working in areas and not linear measurements. You have to take into account your overlaps so the total area of the site will determine the final image size, not the total number of images. The highest resolution I have been able to achieve and download is 0.7in/px. The last job was 520 images of 110ac and the final orthomosaic was 3.6B pixels @0.7in/px.

We are on the Enterprise Plan so I can’t say for certain what the other plan’s ultimate limits are.



Why can’t DD split the files when they reach a certain (file) size threshold and keep the resolution they were captured at?

Wouldn’t that be a superior solution than forcing a lower resolution and maintaining 1 file?

Obviously, the user could do this manually, but DD could also do it automagicly.

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You can export them tiled, but I don’t know if that does anything for resolution. I haven’t done it lately.



I’m struggling with this now. I have before but now it’s becoming a real problem.

I’m trying to export a single JPG image (only 27.9 acres) at its native size of 1.7cm/px but the file size is too big to download?


Even at 2cm/px it’s too big, forcing me to accept 5cm/px.


Please can the maximum file size be increased to native or allow us to download it in segments? The latter being preferable.



I download orthos that are 500MBs all the time and I can’t believe that this could be any bigger than that… Have you chatted directly with support? @Adam_Carp

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I haven’t Michael. I knew others had previously raised the issue and wasn’t aware that any progress had been made and assumed it simply wasn’t at the top of any list to resolve.

Like you I have downloaded huge files before. Sometimes takes a while due to the files downloading at 1mb per minute (yes seriously), sometimes coming to a stop altogether and failing. In this instance the site was only 28 acres and I couldn’t even download the map at 2cm/px, rendering the ortho unless. If it offers a native export of 1.7cm/px then it shouldn’t then give me an error. If it feels the file size is not manageable, offer it to me in segments, not refuse it altogether.

In this instance I think the 5cm/px was a little over 50mb. Surely it should have been able to cope with 1.7cm/px or 2cm/px. Any help would be appreciated. @Adam_Carp



That seems right to me as well. Have you tried downloading it in tiles? Maybe do it that way and combined them in qgis for now?