Pro Plan User - Can't export because file size too large?!


Okay - so I’ve flown a study area (134 acres) keeping to the limit for my plan of 1000 images.

I want to export the flight at 0.85 in/px as a single image geotiff… It gives me statement that ‘Export size too large to process, please try a lower resolution’

What is the point of the 1000 image limitation for a flight plan, if you stick to it but are limited to an export file size?

Is there anyway I can export my flight plan at this resolution ? The only other option is 2 in/px (I dont want this)

If there is a limitation to the export file size, should this not be noted in the pricing breakdown of each plan (I don’t remember seeing it referenced at all - and I wouldn’t of upgraded to Pro plan if I’d of known this before hand)

Thanks for the help…


I agree that it shouldn’t be an option if the plan doesn’t support it, but what do you really need better than 2in/px for. At 134 acres your geoTiff will be at or more than a Gigabyte. I have a pretty hefty laptop and it still struggles with 100+ acre sites at 2in/px.


Hi @LukeEdAllen,

Sorry to hear you encountered an error while exporting your file. Unfortunately, massive files at a high resolution cannot be exported due to processing limitations. It would also be extremely difficult to manage the file without a super computer. In the past, we’ve seen large files cause computers to become slow to respond or crash image viewing programs.

There is no workaround for exporting large, high-resolution files at this time. For ease of viewing and managing your data, we recommend exporting at the next lowest resolution available. We’re sorry for the inconvenience!