Private links don't show annotation descriptions

Hi I’m just playing around with this atm seeing how it could help me make money & help out my clients. The cloud processing is A class but the rest just needs tweaking to be more useful to end user.

In this private link the annoations show but the descriptions do not. They show up when viewsing the normal (non private) link.

I also think you should display some general information on the private links such as a Title & scale or key to help interpret the information if sharing with a client.

Also you have a satelite elevation map under layers but it’s useless as the map I’ve made isn’t transparent so you can’t see the elevation marks on the map data layer. Simple fix with opacity change.

One last thing is I’ve used the distance tool on a model. Is it possible to integrate with the elevation data and tell me the evevation between those two points? I.E how many feet/meters tall does the footpath rise.

Hi @Dopeytree - noted. We’re revisiting our sharing and elevation tools specifically in the next month, and will be doing some work to improve this experience. Thank you for your comments, we will pass them on for the team.