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I like dronedeploy and I like the program. I live in Belgium, Europe. There is a strict privacy policy here. Can we take photos only in the designated area without showing adjacent people or buildings? only the indicated box. The 3 d program does this, but would like a better photo quality.



The whole premise of DroneDeploy is to program a drone to autonomously collect data in a specific area so from what I understand you are asking I would say yes. There is always a little overshoot on boundaries, but you can edit the area processed and thence published when you upload your photos.

If this succeeds, it is what I am looking for.
What am I doing wrong? Everything goes fine, and easy, but I only get a 3D.
The quality is good but no photo quality.
Just want the photo with blur.! !
JPG foto

I see now. Trying to model that tower would be very time consuming and honestly with as close as some of those elements are together I think you are right in just using the obliques photos for inspection.

Now I see that you would like to blur the surrounding area to conceal other property. Correct? I don’t see why you need to do that unless explicitly told to do so. That information is already available via Google Earth whether they like it or not. At least we can give them the option.

I would use a program like GIMP to manually blur any necessary details. I personally use ACDSee and it will allow you to batch edit, but more importantly the images are in more of a film roll listing so it is much easier to blur a couple of spots and quickly get to the next image. You can breeze through 50-100 images pretty quickly.

The problem is that people see you coming with a mavic are still simpathic and ask for explanation about a drone. This is going well.
The moment you start inspecting the pillar with a matrice 210, there is police within 10 minutes.
Not a problem at all, I am a professional drone pilot.
But the neighbors call my client, who doesn’t want any problems with the GPRP and then let me leave before the work is done.
I have already tried to stand at 500 meters so that they do not know who is flying, but they are always calling the customer and threatening to end up with legal proceedings about private property.
So I hoped for an automatic program to blur, and what I would show them on the spot.

Gimp is a good program but if I have to edit every photo like this it will take ages.blur

How does anyone find out who your client is? If the action is legal then what’s the problem. People like to get all puffed up, but as long as you play by the rules they will most surely back down when they get a clue that they don’t know what they are talking about. Sounds like you need to do some studying. You say you are a licensed pilot then you need to use that to your advantage and protection. Our responsibility as licensed pilots is to educate the public. This includes the police. It also helps to pass out official flyers informing the community as to what exactly is going on.

The problem is not the police, they see new things and sometimes they even know the law about drones :). The problem is the people who are not anxiously fed by a small drone, but by the large one.
There have been new rules in europe (gdpr) since 1 year and people feel they are being watched and violated in their private life. My client would rather have to pay more through the older inspection methods what people are used to than being watched by a drone. For security reasons, the telephone number of an emergency call center is always on the door.

You keep saying GDPR and I don’t see where it applies to anything you’ve said except perhaps your obligations to your client from any personal information you collected from them. The rest is conjecture and sounds like borderline public hysteria from misinformation and misunderstandings about GDPR. Not a whole lot you can do about that. Sorry you all are having to deal with that.

For anyone who hasn’t seen much on it this is a good place to start. At least they tried to simplify it somewhat.