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We are trying to export/print a map that has annotation measurements for a sprinkler/landscape plan, but i cant find out how to do it. I can share it and see it but unable to print. If i export it, it only shows map not annotations. I really need this for my client, please help. P.S. the file needs to show the actual measurements on the print out. If it can’t i guess i can post edit it in Photoshop, but i do need to at least see the lines.

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Hi @jv9404 - the annotations will not show on an export, unfortunately, because they are a web-only layer. A public share of the map should allow your client to see the annotations. Please see here for instructions to share a map publicly:

I appreciate the reply but the missing part is still how do I print it? They will not have a computer available in the field (nor should they have to) and need a print out for blueprint like data sheet in hand. To me if this can’t be done it is a HUGE hole in this software and will force us to find other options.

I’ll echo this sentiment. Printouts really should be an option for reviewing maps on-site with end customers.

Thanks for the feedback @jv9404 and @AerieWorks -I’ll be sure and give your comments on needing the option to easily share annotations offline with our Product team. The best current option may be to use a Jpeg export for general printing/presentations.

After first map, I would love to have a physical, 3D printout of a mapped area. Say a 3-foot by 5-foot model from a export to a third party service that prints my 3D model as an actual table top layout. Is there such a service that would make such an example possible?

Thanks all for the feedback - we’ll take this into account as we improve the exporter.

I’m playing about with exporting & importing to various 3d printers.

Would be amazing in the future if you could create smaller sized 3D exports (currently when import these files they are trying to print a4 sized) which is fine but some scale control would be good OR even better integrate directly with a 3d printing service. This would be ideal!! :smiley:

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Cool idea- thanks for the feedback!

Is there any update on exporting Annotations?
I too am doing a sprinkler plan.
I would like to export the lat,lon coordinates of Location annotations to a file that can be imported into an irrigation control system.

It would even be OK if the lat,lon coordinates of Locations were included in the PDF Map Report. Currently, the Map Report just list the Locations Titles, no coordinates.

If not currently supported, is this something that DroneDeploy can do as a special request?

There is an update here! @cpcressy

If you come into your DroneDeploy account and click on App Market, you’ll see these options

They are both free to use with your account and can be accessed by the App Market icon here:

Please give these a go!

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