Pricing Structure

I’m a drone service provider and pay DD $90 month for the service. I understand that and like the service and can live with that cost. But if I want my client to be able to login to the dashboard so they can do their own volume calculations etc. Then after my client’s free month expires, they will also have to pay $90 month. After all of my marketing and efforts to secure the client, It’s a built in new customer for DD. Drone Deploy should give clients that I bring to the table free access to MY projects or pay me for marketing DD services.


When you add an editor to a map, they should receive an email which allows them to edit the annotations and interact with the map. We’re checking to make sure there isn’t a bug preventing this.

They need to have full access to volume data, measurements etc. which they would have to pay $90 a month.

They should have access to that. We have a team looking into it.

Chase, They would have access to everything for one month. After that they have to pay $90 a month. So basically, I’m paying $90 a month and the client that I introduce to DroneDeploy (free marketing and built in customer for you) also has to pay $90 a month.

This is a bug which is being investigated right now.
If they have a FREE account they can continue to view all the maps they are an editor on.

Okay, two different issues. I wasn’t aware of the bug. You are right that my clients that I bring to DroneDeploy would have free access to view maps, but not the full set of tools such as being able to do their own volume calculations, measurement tools etc. For that they would have to pay $90 a month after the free trial.

I’m a drone service provider, I spend countless hours marketing to secure clients. By selling my clients on the idea of mapping their sites, I am ultimately marketing DroneDeploy and bringing DD a new customer without them spending a penny to get that customer. It is a brilliant scheme, but then to charge my client $90 a month to be able to access MY projects is just plain wrong. Please implement a structure where the clients that I bring to the table can access MY project dashboard and do their volume calculations etc. for free. You will still be getting VALUABLE exposure from MY clients and I will not have to try and sell my services and then have to tell them that they will have to pay $90 bucks a month if they want to use the data. It’s a very tough sell for most clients.

Thanks for looking into implementing FREE access for MY clients.

Hi @Chuckstrips,

You bring up a valid point, so we took a deeper look into your concern. Those users without a DroneDeploy account that you share a map with should be able to utilize the Annotation & Measurement feature which includes Location, Distance, Area and Volume. This has been identified as a bug where our engineering team is actively troubleshooting. We are expecting to have this resolved in the next 2 weeks.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Thank you,

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Please also look at the chat function. I have users that I share maps with that should be able to click on a “public” link and see pictures I have attached via the camera icon and comment on them. The chat area is grayed-out to users that are not logged in. Since these links are privately shared I am not worried about trolls.