Pricing Related to Client Access to Volumetric Tool

Am I correct that for every client I want to share a project with to allow them to perform their own volumetric calculations, I would need to pay $1000 to add an additional annual seat to my subscription? Is this also the case to allow the client to make annotations and view overlays?

Think of the quite possible situation where you have 30 small clients that have 1 or 2 jobs a year. That would be $30,000 annually just to share one or two jobs with 30 different clients. If you assumed the average cost of the job was $1,000, good luck putting food on the table.

I suppose you could purchase a couple extra seats for “guest” usage as long as you didn’t need to provide external access with volumetric tools to more than two clients at a time each with one job. But you wouldn’t want future clients to see past client jobs, so you’d have to remove access on the guest accounts to the older jobs which would then prevent the other clients from viewing their older jobs.

Doesn’t seem to me like Drone Deploy really thought their pricing structure through that well given some real world situations for a lot of the mid-size service providers.

Now here come the replies with the excuses and workaround suggestions… lol (do the volumetric calcs for them is probably one, but I’m also talking annotations, etc.)

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Hi Jeff!

A key component of DroneDeploy’s philosophy is that DroneDeploy is a very easy-to-collaborate-with platform.

Privately sharing with another DroneDeploy user will allow your clients to sign up with a free Explorer account and view your annotations, add their own location, distance, and area annotations, view your data layers (including elevation with your volumetric calculations), and they are able to download any exports that you have previously exported yourself. (The doc conflicts what I just said in the last part - it will be updated soon.)

You can privately share a map by going to your dashboard while you are on the map, clicking ‘Share’, and then filling out the ‘Invite an editor’ form.

As far as creating their own volumetric calculations, these are features for our paid customers. You might consider upgrading to a Business subscription, where you can add additional members to your organization.


This will always be a problem in a user licensing scenario. I wish I could give annotation rights to everyone I want to send a map to, but I also understand that DD wants to pay quality employees and make money. The current major problem that I see is in our scenario is giving too many people editor access to a map and things can get messed up. There’s only one map.