Pricing of a mapping

Good morning! I am new to mapping and have a chance for a large (well large to me) of an 18 acre piece of property. Wondering how to charge for this. Does everyone charge by the hour, by the acre, by the specialty? They want to export it into their AutoCad/Desk program. Any suggestions?

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We typically charge by the hour unless it is a contracted longer term like flying the same site specified at bi-weekly over a 12 month period. Even then I just estimate what a flight would cost and carry through the hourly rate. Add a little fluff unless you can submit for extras because it is inevitable that they will want to add something or require additional analysis from the data than originally agreed upon. I just had a project last week that we are flying for another contractor that wanted a full cut/fill analysis on existing grade vs the proposed engineered grade. We were not doing the dirt work on this job and the dirt contractor would not give up their 3D model so I ended up making my own and charged them the hourly rate for that in addition to the contracted flight.

You’ll need to find out what version of AutoCAD they have and what they are trying to do with it. Let me know and I can give you an idea of what to expect to run into.

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Thank you very much, have asked, still waiting as the owner is out of town. Will get back with you. Thanks again

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