Price too expensive

I am a farmer with phantom 3 dronedeploy I would like to use to view the status of my crops. I think it could be a good tool but the price is too expensive for my small farm.
It would be interesting to create an option with less potential, or lower profits in exchange for a lower price.

A greeting!

Thanks for the feedback - please do give the system a try, you’ll get 30 days at the Pro level, and afterwards, you can continue to use the software for free. See more info here:


I finished the trial period , I am interested in the "Plant Healt " utility for which I have to upgrade my account .

This means $ 99 a month and I think it’s too expensive for me, unfortunately I have a small farm.

I think for many small farmers, it would be nice to have a cheap and less (less maps per month, less definition, less Max Photo Upload per Map … ) .

Their software is very good, simple and powerful , plug & fly , but falls far for many of us ( I belong to a community of farmers in Spain in which several DJI phantom and we have all the same ) .

I think your team should consider this option to "democratize " plus the use of its magnificent application.

Many thanks!

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I notice Pro has come down to $84 now or £57 over here in the UK. This seems pitched about right for me given the broad range of export possibilities and fairly fast processing. This saves me time & I don’t have to shell out a few thousand pounds on software. I’m not making money from my surveys yet, just testing what can be done while I train for the license. The other options may become more affordable when I’m getting paid for surveys.

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Correction - not sure why the price dropped briefly to $84, but it’s back up to $99 (£67) now for the Pro account. Still a fair price for what is offered I think. Hope that future new features do not all disappear into the higher subscription levels, which are too expensive for me.

i agree , i dont want to be a commercial operator to justify the price structure just to do the odd map, if you could pay a fee to use it just when you need to , wouldnt this create more bussiness? . if anyone that has a phantom etc can do it occasionly rather than as a bussiness?. If someone made it an app that you buy for the odd job they would do well.

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There is no doubt that a price per job for a particular tier of data package would be a good way forward for DD and would undoubtedly lead to more business from people who do intermittent work and cannot afford the annual or monthly subscription rates.

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I have been emailing Samantha about this VERY TOPIC! It doesn’t make much sense why they wouldn’t have a "a la carte’ option. I have large properties, 700+ acres, i need to map but due to the shear image count (7,000+) even the platinum account is out!

I want to be able to FLY… UPLOAD… CHOOSE (which options i need).


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Good to see that 2 years later and nothing has been done. Clearly they aren’t interested in casual operators.

Limiting to 5cm/pixel is a joke. That’s governed by the height you fly at and your camera. Enforcing 5cm/pixel means you’re deliberately doing extra work to generate a lower quality product.

I think that says a lot about their business.

What service do you use?

Actually @mavicpilotau, limiting the resolution to 5cm/px means less work for the processing servers, not more.

I’m going to have to agree with the pricing structures being too expensive. I find it rather troubling that GCP are not even allowed with the “PRO” or business package considering how DD basically says themselves to have an accurate map you must us GCP. Seems like bleeding a turnip dry at this point.