Prevent DD from taking check shots before a mission

Hi there,
We have a mavic 3E used for mapping missions, and the check shots on ground (and anything other than official mission shots) mess up the MRK file which we use for PPK processing.
Currently, we must find the check pics, note the pic sequence number , delete them and the lines in the mrk file, and renumber the lines in mrk file.
I get that the check is used for camera readiness, but wish it would not hamper the ppk part.

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What software are you using that is requiring you to renumber the lines? You should be able to just remove the entry.

We use TBC (Trimble business center) to get the PPK adjustments, then compile pt cloud in metashape.
We can remove the entries hand in text editor, but let me know if you have experience doing that in TBC.

I only use TBC when I have to and PPK and process in other software so I don’t think I can help but I still don’t see why you would edit an MRK in anything other than Notepad or similar so I was just curious.

yah, the coordinate systems we use are close to state plane, but involve grid to ground projection factors that most PPK software seem to lack.
TBC has that, and also is what our survey team uses for many other things so handles the QA/QC part of things before I feed it to metashape.
Really, the check shots should not be recorded in the MRK file. I don’t care if they are taken to check the camera, but don’t log them like a mission pic.

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So you are manipulating the drone geotags with a ground datum transformation? Are you using GCP’s?

Yes, base station corrects for gps signal, then TBC also adjusts coords to project system.
I did have targets set, just 4 for 55 acres, but compiled without them and got great results.
I use them as checks, but also have previous flights I compare to that passed QA/QC.
The M3E and PPK system is so consistent its amazing.

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Nice. Very similar here except all of our rectification is done in Metashape with a custom CRS and in Civil 3D.

Do you do your image coord corrections PPK style? I’m always looking for a parallel solution to TBC for that step. Currently, TBC produces a text file with image names and corrected coords you use in Metashape to switch them out. If metashape allows custom CRS with projection factors, that sounds like a start to end workflow so very interested if that’s what you are doing.

I use Emlid Studio. It does retagging. Nice that you make a copy of the data so the native images stay untouched. Doesn’t have all the bells and whistles but the basics so you can control the stream a little if needed.