Preset takeoff altitude


Sometimes we need to takeoff from higher altitude relative to the ground and/or subject.

In those cases we still need the FLY tab on DD to generate the correct flightpath/crosshatch and overlapping considering the real ground level down on the subject area as if we were to takeoff from the ground and not higher, and this we can do as usual.

The only thing missing is a way to preset the takeoff altitude, so that the drone does not go up in the air the full vertical height, knowing it is starting from a higher ground already, and for this we need a new feature.

Example case:
We need a 3D crosshatch covering terrain and buildings with flight altitude of 50m AGL.
Our drone is to takeoff from a rooftop already 20m AGL - we need a new field to input this height.
At takeoff the drone should only go 30m up instead of 50m to perform its mission.

Thank you.


From what I gathered on the previous discussion the main issue is that if you set the AGL to compensate for the roof top position elevation the flight planning uses the lower value to create the flight plan and thus does not calculate the overlaps and speed correctly?

Would an offset value solve it. Taking of 75m AboveGroundLevel and an offset for the actual takeoff point which happens to be 20m one this rooftop?

Yes, an offset altitude field would do the trick, that’s it.

I’m done playing with DD FLY tab and “Advanced” settings and managed to manually get about the same crosshatch and number of pictures with different altitude settings by reducing the overlap fields down to 40%.

This is very cumbersome and far from ideal, not to mention laborious pain task.

By the way I revised the post above, there was a lot of mistakes in AGL acronym usage, sorry for that.