Presentation to clients

How do members present the images to clients? I’ve seen a video of a 3d image slow spin, also just a 2d shot of the 3d image. Is there some way to give the client a 3d usable image?

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You can send the clients a view-only share link, but they have to signup for a free DroneDeploy account. When we have clients that are more interested in just the media over the mapping side we use SketchFab (3D Model), OneDrive or Google (Photos), YouTube (Video) and (Kuula). It’s a PITA for us, but it’s much easier for the clients to share beyond which I guess at the end of the day gets us more exposure.

Thank you.

Is it possible to give clients a file that they can post to Facebook?

For which media type?

My knowledge of what is possible is still at an early stage. I mean that if I created a 3d map of someone’s house in Dronedeploy. Could I export or convert the 3d image into a view which could be uploaded to social media such as Facebook in way that could allow someone to scroll around the image in 360 deg view. is the only one that I know of that successfully shares these types of models. Other services I have tried seem to have trouble with orientation and textures. Facebook now supports SketchFab 3D embeds, but the downside is that they only allow 50mb uploads on their free account. That may be enough for a 0.25ac standard single-family residence, but probably not much bigger.

There is a problem with the visibility of the base General category so I changed the category of your thread to General - How To so that we can get more people to see it. We don’t really use the 3D textured models so hopefully someone else has some better tips.

Very interesting link. Thank you!

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