Pre-Flight Overlays for Planning

I’m not sure how I never thought of this before but I just now figured out that you can bring in an overlay layer into a project as soon as you set it up and actually before flying a mission. Now the thing that doesn’t make sense is why we still can’t use overlays to plan missions. This was brought up almost 3 years ago so I just started a new thread.


Michael, My workaround for this request is to use QGIS or Google Earth to import Civil files or other drawings that have coordinates. Using these drawings, one can generate a shapefile that is georeferenced and can be imported onto DroneDeploy

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Very cool. So bring the CAD into QGIS, make a georeferenced SHP or GeoTiff (if background is need) and then import that into DD on a brand new project and be able to see the linework and/or background in the planning interface? Just verifying want I have seen so far. I’ll try one in a bit.

You can also bring a PDF that has coordinates. Then you can create a new shapefile with features of interest. For example, I typically trace the outline of the building which I then import into DD. With this building outline then I can start planning.

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Perfect, this will help. Especially if it works for Corridor as well.