PPK and Replacing Image Geotags

Has anyone here successfully used PPK GPS and been able to replace the geotags on the images with the post-processed data for upload to DroneDeploy?

I am testing my Emlid Reach M+ P4P and have the data ready to go, but I have not had any luck with Geosetter and Sourceforge’s GeoTag. I haven’t tried ExifTool, but putting something that requires command line access is not going to fly in my program.

I have a Pyton script in Rhino that I use to do this. Would you like me to fix it up for your case and then I can walk you thru how to use it?


It’s sure worth a try. Bottom line is that I need my employees to be able to do it so scripts and command line aren’t ideal, but I’ll take what I can get to keep the ball rolling.

I think I might have figured it out. There were a couple of settings in RTKLIB that determined the output formats of the GPX. I was able to complete processing of the new geotags. Now to process a couple more maps and visually inspect the image metadata to make sure everything looks kosher.

Good to hear you got it sorted. Will be interesting to learn about the map quality.


For sure, thanks for the offer. I consider this thread closed so my progress will continue from this origin.


I’ve done this repeatedly using Klau PPK hardware and software. Nothing to stop you uploading the adjusted-EXIF images to DD.

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Thanks @Corbon. It’s been hard to keep everything in one place while searching different source (and people) for help, but the majority of the content is on the Emlid forum. All figured out and rolling now.