"Powered by Olark" issue

The iOS app everyone and then tries to display some sort of advertising on the bottom part… very annoying because it occupies half of the screen. Is says something like Powered by Olark with a Send button (red color)… no way to get rid of it except rebooting the app

Hi Maurello- sorry to hear that. Does the box still come up even if you do not click the “live support” button?

yes, especially when I try to select the area on the map or change from portrait to landscape mode

Hi Maurello - sorry to hear you’re having these issues. I haven’t heard of many users experiencing this before. If you’re up for it, we have a completely redesigned version which you can access by filling out this form: http://goo.gl/forms/gZKV1cuvF0

Hi, form filled up already, but havent got any reply