Posting Panoramas to Facebook

Do y’all know of a way to upload a pano shot with DD onto Facebook in order to use their 360 tool? We’ve tried downloading the pano and uploading to Facebook but it doesn’t scroll around like it should, it is just a regular image file.

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The downloaded flat file needs to be resized to 16000x8000 pixels. This is the standard aspect ratio and size format that most viewers use. DroneDeploy’s file export is almost half that.

You’d be better off creating your own file at a much higher resolution in Microsoft ICE.

after I make one in ICE - do I need to edit the metadata? I found the ICE on a youtube tutorial and made one with that.

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Do you mean Facebook? Or the tutorial you found just happened to be about YouTube?

Here is a short video I just made of how I get the images stitched and formatted to get uploaded on Facebook. Also, I did find out that Facebook has changed their acceptable dimension from 16000x8000 to 6000x3000. Obviously having to be a 2:1 ratio I show that edit in GIMP. As an alternative which is now higher resolution (since Facebook changed) and more interactive is Kuula 360 Sharing. You can set the default view so the user is focused on the main subject, create tours and add annotations. You could then paste that sharing link on Facebook…

Image Editing for Facebook 360 through Microsoft ICE and GIMP

Here’s an example of one of our projects on Kuula.

Chasco Project 360 - RBJ Redevelopment

Yea I meant to get it on Facebook. That is very helpful, thanks!


Just thought about this again and being that Facebook killed their resolution the only thing you should have to do is,

  1. Download the image from DroneDeploy
  2. Scale it to 6000x3000px (It’s already 2:1)
  3. Go to the file properties and add the camera maker (Ricoh) and camera model (Ricoh Theta S)

Beyond that I still recommend Kuula. Many of our external client really like the 360 and the ability to add some content that makes it even more beneficial. Even easier with some of our clients that don’t even need standalone aerials anymore. I added some hotspots to the RBJ link 2 posts above.

Did you do the Panorama in DD and post to Kuula?

No, we had been using Kuula for about a year before DroneDeploy had 360 capability. Most of our 360’s are now in DroneDeploy, but we still have clients that like the tours and annotations. I can imagine that those functions will come to DD before we know it.

So you can do the 360s with the Kuula software?

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No, Kuula just hosts and shares the 360’s kind of like Sketchfab does with models. You upload a single image of the 360 that is created in Microsoft ICE that is 16000x8000 pixels.

Gotcha. Thanks for the info! Is MS ICE hard to figure out? I just downloaded and will probably play with it this weekend.


MICE is very easy and allows you to manipulate the horizon. Once it is generated watch your cursor and it will change between the x and y-axis. Y being int the middle third. Pan across on the X-axis from the outer thirds to look for high and low spots to get it flat. This can vary if your terrain is very hilly or sloping so note your scenery. Sorry, I didn’t cutting the processing periods, but they’re not too long.