Post Processed Kinematic, where to buy?

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Anyone tried the PPK system:

DJI MAVIC PRO PPK — compact and professional solution for geodetic aerial photography without ground control points (GCP)

DJI MAVIC PRO with REACH M+ integration


I want to know if is good, if the difference between PPK (post processed kinematic) for RTK (real time kinematic) is just the post processing, so, if the quality of both are similar?

And, where can i find to buy here in Brazil?

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I have not seen a Mavic setup with the M+, but I do run it on a Phantom 4 Pro. I am comfortable saying that it could be done, but the most complex part will be customizing a mount for the antenna, receiver and battery. I will take a quick look to see if I have any design ideas that you could possibly get 3D printed. I just bought a second setup to use on a Yuneec H520… You can buy everything from the Emlid website.

As for RTK vs PPK it is my opinion that as long as you can alternatively PPK with the RTK setup then that would be the best route to go. Many systems are RTK only, but something like the Phantom RTK can be configured to do PPK by turning off RTK. You cannot do both. One issue that you will run into with RTK is the possibility of losing the RTK fix while flying and then you are out of luck.

Hi MichaelL, thanks again!
Understood, i thinking to use on Mavic for the portability (on the field, transport the drone and fly on the best place, top for example). And now exists this Mavic 2 Pro, with nice quality of images.
Oh, i never hear about Emlid! Exists here (Brazil) too! I will contact than and talk about it.

I’m curious how was post processed the data of a PPK service…

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Please join this forum. A great group of multi-experienced people and you will definitely get answers. They are more GPS oriented so it will be good for your project.

I post-process with RTKLIB and Geosetter.