Possible to separate photos from each plan when all queued?


Brand new here. Just started using Drone Deploy in the past year, but only sporadically. Here’s my problem.

Instead of wasting battery by having the drone return to the home point after each plan, I’ve queued up the missions. But later, when uploading, it’s sometimes been tricky finding the correct images. I’ve tried uploading via cellular, but it’s often been unreliable due to weak cell signals. I’ve journaled start times and noted the image counts for each mission, but in map plans the actual image count often varies from what’s listed in the plan. I’ve even gone into the metadata to check the coordinates to determine different locations.

Is there any kind of setting that can shoot some kind of slate or blank image between each queued mission? That would certainly make it much easier to determine the start and ends of each mission on the SD card. I’ve tried manually snapping shots after the mission completes, but without radically altering the gimbal angle, they appear too similar to the other plan images.

Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!


Hi Dave! This is not the first time this has been requested and would surely help us all out when you have 5-10 different flight plans on each of 2-3 different job sites. You either have an s-load of mSD’s but what we do it shoots scene break shots in between each flight and it is also very easy to sort by Date Taken to isolate when goes where.

Short answer would have been is that this is something DroneDeploy can’t control because it is the DJI controlling that and other aspects of flight like RTH and Obstacle Avoidance just to name a couple. May they’ll figure out how to hack the system and get us some of these things.