Possibility to switch off notification

I am currently testing 360 walk thru’s and anytime I upload data, team members get a notification. i would like to switch off notification.
according to the help chat, this function is not available and I shall propose the topic to this forum.


Are you using a folder structure or just all the projects on the dashboard? Can you move the project somewhere else and put it back when you are done? We have folders for each Project Manager and any projects that don’t apply or haven’t been assigned yet stay on the dashboard to be filed and they are only shared with my team until they are a go.

I use a folder structure and yes, I could move the project to another folder while updating data, but then the team does not have access to the historical data.
→ For the moment, i will do so.

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Yeah unfortunately that’s it for now so this is a great request. I had a similar request a while back but we wanted to stop all notifications so that we could send them out when we want. Now you have the complication of a weekly digest. IMO a step in the opposite direction.

Another thing i’ll do when specifically testing is just make another project and reprocess. Walkthroughs don’t take too long at all.