Poor Results with Images that work fine with Inspire upload

I haven’t been able to get the offline mode of DD to work. So I decided to upload some images from my Inspire that worked fine to the Map Engine as a test. It didn’t map at all and I’m curious as to why?

So here’s a map generated from a mission taken with my Inspire 1 and the images uploaded from the SD card:

And here is a map made with the same images uploaded to the Map Engine:

As an aside, I also can’t generate links that are ‘public’ so the above links were ‘private’. The option to create a shared link isn’t available for some reason.

They really should work the same. Thanks a lot for pointing this out because it is probably caused by a bug. I’ll bring it up to the engineers tomorrow to see what they think.

What problems are you having with offline mode?

I’ve mentioned the problem with offline mode in another thread where another user reported the same issue. Whenever I start the app it hangs while synchronizing.

For the future you can just share with us the data page link and we should be able to access it. No need to share it. We’re checking on this now.