Polygon not working

I have chatted about this with Neema on the DD team using the online chat. I still cannot use the “draw polygon” feature in my maps. This is a very important tool for me to use for acreage. Please check this out for me.



In which page are you having problems with the polygon? Is it on the mobile app before flight, on the website while pre planning a mission, or on the desktop when drawing a polygon to measure area or volume?

Have you tried multiple browsers?

when on desktop drawing a polygon to measure area. I am using Chrome. I have not tried IE. I have used this feature with Chrome in the past with no problems.

just tried IE and it works. For some odd reason its not working with Chrome. The “line” and “circle” tools are working just fine.

We’ve seen this sometimes in the past and our solution was to add some additional controls to finish drawing as well as an undo button. We will be adding those to this page as well.

Sorry for the trouble.