Point cloud separators

I’m trying to import an xyz point cloud into Archicad but I’m getting an error that separators must be either spaces or tabs. When I open the xyz file in a text editor it shows the separators are commas. I can switch all of the commas to spaces or tabs but then can’t save back to xyz, only txt. Is there a setting somewhere in dronedeploy that will produce the xyz file with spaces or tabs as opposed to commas? Or another way to convert the file? Thank you.

Have you tried using a normal text editor command, “SaveAs” to change to a new file name? (After you made your changes.)

I have while using Notepad, but don’t have an option to save to anything but txt. I’m looking online for another editor that might let me ‘save as’ to xyz.

If have the file saved as a text file and also have spaces for a delimiter just rename the suffix from .txt to .xyz and see if that works.


Finally got it. Thank you so much!

Thanks for helping @Andrew_Chaloupka out, @Wfb!