Please help me to improve my 3D maps

Hi all - I’m having mixed success with the 3D mapping and I’d like your help to make it better.
I’m using a P4Pro with iPhone 7 Plus.

I have two examples. The first is a quick scan of an old farm house HERE
The textures on one side of the house are mangled.
I think the altitude was around 300’

The second example is an old factory HERE
The large rectangular piece of concrete - should have the roof trusses visible.
The green/blue coloured cylindrical tank (near the river) is really badly mangled.
The old stone chimney (next to the bright white buildings) is completely missing.
The altitude was around 250’

Thanks in advance.

I think all these issues could be fixed with more photos.

The Farm House:

The house is situated off to the right-hand side of the picture, if you had shifted the whole mission to the right, the mangled gable would look fine. The edges of a 3D model never have as much detail as the middle, try to get the subject in the centre of the mission.

The Old Factory:

This looks like it could have been shot at a lower altitude.
The cylindrical tank would benefit from some shots taken a low orbit. This can be done separate from the mission and uploaded with the rest of the photos.
The same goes for the chimney, narrow objects such as towers, posts, chimneys etc. need more attention, so more shots taken from closer and especially from orbits, would help.


The house was difficult as I didn’t want to fly over neighbouring houses.

As for taking more shots, can they be angled up or do they all still have to be vertically looking down?
And can I mix altitudes?

The flight plan can orbit of course but I’ve not found out how to move or resize the circle.

Hey @Dave_Wilson,

Nice start, to really get high quality 3d models you will need to fly several times, first flying a standard mission at altitude with the camera capturing straight down. Next you will need to capture oblique images from lower altitudes that have a camera angle closer to zero than 90 degrees. Everywhere there is a detail that juts in or out you will want to capture some photos that capture this detail from a lower prospective. In general i tend to do an ortho flight, than i follow up with an orbit flight capturing pics around the object i am looking to generate a model for. If it still has some issues, copy the map, capture some more details where it is lacking and resubmit all the photos. With a little practice you will be getting high quality models in no time.

it is also good to export them and do some final clean up in a 3d modeling software, i like meshlab and blender but pretty much any autocad system should do what you need to clean up the models at the end.


Scott Lashmit

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Thanks for the reply.

Currently I’m an enthusiast and getting into 3D modelling programs is more than I want to do at the moment. I’ll use the tips about capturing more images which will help a great deal also. Thanks!