Plant Stand Counts

I’m looking for any information or feedback from people that have tried to do plant stand counts. I’m really interested in corn stand counts and how well did it work. I see a lot of specialty crops that have larger gaps between the plants getting it done very well but limited information on corn.

Due to the very small window I have to try and do these counts I want to be as prepared as possible when planting starts in Indiana. I see they’ve already started planting in Texas. Wife wants to go down in March. Maybe I’ll bring drone down and see if I can test it out with some guys I know off of twitter.

Did you have any luck in doing a corn stand count yet? I’m wanting to do that as well and I’m trying to catch the corn at the very earliest to have the most time cover acres, in West Central Illinois. From what I’ve heard from Aglytix they suggest V3 to V5 plant stage for corn.

I haven’t had a chance to yet. My earliest corn is at V2 right now and under about a foot of water it seems. All I can do is laugh about it. When this rain stops and we warm up it will be off to the races for sure.

I hear you there. I’m hoping middle of next week will give me my first shot at some corn that the system can pick up. We’ve gotten close to 9 inches of rain where I’m at in the last week. After tomorrow things are looking better for weather and warming up nicely so it will be a race to see stuff. On the images I shot on Tuesday, I could see the corn as yellow dots, but there wasn’t quite enough plant there to have the analysis pick it out. I was flying at 160ft to get those images.

Have you had an opportunity to try out the stand counts. I tried a field today probably only V2, based off the image I dont think its going to be able to pick out the plants. havent spent much time with it though

@Grimmy I just flew one yesterday. Its roughly V3 by the collar method, nearly V4. I could pick out plants. So I sent them in this am to try and get stand counts through both Agrisens and Aglytix.

This is the map I’m going to try.

What elevation did you fly? I would be interested to knew how it works for you.

We are doing a bunch of work with stand counts too. I’m skeptical if they’ll work at V2 corn at 200’AGL. That is the minimum they’d have to work to make this a viable option. If we’re taking counts of V5 plants it’s already too late to do anything actionable with that map other than correlate to yield at the end of season.

No, at 200’ you won’t get v2 corn unless incredibly dark green. My yellowish corn blended in with the clay ground and made impossible to see. I even tried at 150ft. I agree that it’s likely at this early stage more informative than actionable. But always have to start somewhere! Suppose could buy ridiculous high resolution cameras to do it better.

Here are my results from Agrisens. I ran both the stand and population counts to see what difference. I’d recommend the stand count as it gives everything the popularition does.

I’m not sure why I haven’t seen aglytix results yet.

I flew this at 200ft.

Almost as soon as I sent the post Aglytix emailed me with their results. Here they are. Also sent a .shp file for using in gis software. image