Plant Health Slider Scale in DD

Could someone please explain how the slider scale in the DD app works for Plant Health? After my images have processed and I open the map, and click on Plant Health, there is a scale with red on the left and green on the right. If you click and drag on either of the two blue dots under the color spectrum the map will give different results.

If I slide the dot which is on the left further to the right, it looks like the field which I flew over is full of disease. Or if I click on the dot on the right and slide it to the left, it looks like I have a bumper crop.

What is real? How may I assure my clients I am giving them real results?

Hi @TCRay,

Have you taken a look at our Plant Health support page?


Hello Christina, I too am having trouble understanding how slider works. I have visited the help pages on Drone Deploy. Understand that the VARI algorithm is a good place to start and that it reads basically light given off from “green vs not green”. However, what do the numbers mean? Currently have a map reading " .017 - -1.00 in the middle to .14". If a client were to ask me what these numbers are saying I have no idea what to say.

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The scale on layers like that and elevation show the extremes and you can see by the graph the median. If you pull the slider down from the right you are increasing lower levels of non-green into the unacceptable range which changes everything from unacceptable to acceptable.

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