Plant Health in Area Annotation

Would it be possible to create an area annotation and have the average plant health value for that area displayed? Trying to compare plant health in certain areas of a field and would be nice to get a number value with the visual difference. Been trying to export maps and do the same thing but have not been having much luck. Thanks.


Jordan - Just curious, what are you hoping to use this analysis to accomplish?


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Mike, we are using DroneDeploy to fly row crop trials to look at plant health and elevation data. We are trying to compare the plant health of each strip to each other to see if there are any differences in our treatment’s performances. Sometimes it is really obvious that there is a difference looking at the map and other times it is not so easy by just looking with the naked eye. I have tried exporting NDVI maps into farm software and try to get an average NDVI value on SMS Ag Leader but I have had troubles making this happen due to the large file size of the TIFF file. If I could just make an area annotation on DroneDeploy and have the average NDVI value for the area that would be very useful as I would not have to export it to a different program to do the same thing. It would be nice to get an actual NDVI number value for certain areas of the field and not just red or green on a map.