Plans Too Expensive

For the occasional user, who is not making money from this service, the plans are much too high. You need to do better for us. How about $10 per model until we reach the $100 for a given month?

You can make and share models for free. If you aren’t making money from it then the free plan should be perfect right?

As I recall, the resolution is really limited.

You should be able to view the maps and 3d models fine on That resolution restriction would only be if you were exporting them.

So, as a new user and attempting to sort out the details, you are saying that the imagery available within DroneDeploy are at the highest level available?

I would appreciate this being cleared up as we are sorting out our options.


I think the best option is to upload some imagery and see if the end result is good for you. If you have additional questions after that I can help answer them.