Planning camera - fly menu

I can select the drone camera when setting the fly menu-flight path on the pc web.
However, after selecting Phantom 4 Pro v2 and entering again, it is changed to Mavic 2 Pro.
The number of photos taken changes accordingly.
Also, if I select the Phantom 4 Pro v2 on my pc and connect it to a mobile device before flying, the number of photos has changed.
In conclusion, I hope that once I select a drone camera on your pc, it should not be changed,
and secondly, I hope that I can choose a drone camera on mobile.


I have experienced the same thing and I wonder if this might have something to do with why my camera sometimes fails the preflight check. They snuck this one in so I don’t know exactly when it happened, but I too noticed it in the PC planning. Maybe 4.08?

Yes. Please address this issue!


I noticed this as well and always set to P4P Pro V2 but every time it reverts. It does change the number of images that are required per flight when you manipulate the camera. I can however understand why that feature doesn’t exist in the Mobile App as I believe it is expecting to be connected to a drone and the drone it is connected to will tell it what camera to use. I do see that the “planning camera” is available in the mobile app while not connected to the drone. I did just update today to 4.12.0, not sure if this was addressed with that update.


I need to check that out as well. Never thought of looking for it on the mobile app after the drone was connected…

I have just discovered this annoying little quirk in the software, but after reading the posts above I tried connecting to my Mavic pro and the number of photos decreased yet again, even less than what the desktop software predicted when I chose the correct planning camera! So it appears that it does not affect the number of photos in the field when flying, which is good, but still very annoying that it simply reverts to the original camera when you move from one flight to another, in my Case Mavic Pro V2, which gives an incorrect estimation of the number of photos it is likely to acquire.


@Andrew_Fraser @Jamespipe, this is becoming a real pain in the arse for those of us that are trying to maximize battery use. Trying to plan several flights in one plan in order to take advantage of daisy-chaining and when multi-battery swaps need to happen is nearly impossible when you never receive a definite estimate. In the past 2 weeks I have not had one set of flights land within 10% of the calculated numbers.

@MichaelL The camera will be updated to your specific camera when connected. Ability to choose planning camera just allows for better estimation in advance of connecting your drone, but does not limit after connection. Previously, only the default could be viewed before camera connection.

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Ok, so if I plan on the WebApp using the correct camera then the mobile app should reflect that value when connected without having to change it? I am pretty sure this isn’t happening, but will verify today.

Regardless of what the camera is set to, it should update when you connect a real drone/camera.

Almost had another flop today with these Advanced Settings. I am noticing that now even past flight plans are defaulting to the Mavic 2 Pro and it has DJI camera control toggled on! Luckily I spotted the poor exposure in the FPV and was able to restart before I wasted a 2 hour trip…

While the app does recognize and adapt for the connected drone this does not happen when planning without the drone connected and totally messes up trying to setup precise flight plans.