Planning a video

Not sure if this has been asked before. I want to video a stretch of road from start to end looking downwards at a certain angle and flying at a certain speed. Is ther anyway of doing this. The only option I can see is the video option but you have to set POI’s and it flys around them. I need to be able to video in the direction I’m flying for example.

Any ideas ?


There’s no effective way to do a waypoint mission with a specific heading and without POI. We use Litchi. Inexpensive one-time purchase and they have web and mobile planning.

Hey Michael, Thanks for coming back to me. I thought as much. For all of the features DD has, this should also be there. I need to do this monthly and have the same path flown (angle/speed etc). It just would have been nice to do it all in the one. Thanks for confirming.

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This is a great idea and I would say that our other users could also benefit from this. To get the best visibility for your feature request, we recommend submitting posts to the Features & Ideas channel within our DroneDeploy Forum. This is one way our Product team understands what customers are looking for. In this forum, you can speak directly to our Head of Product, who reviews every post and will sometimes engage with the poster directly, depending on the nature of the enhancement request.

Yeah, we’ve been asking for regular waypoint missions and multiple POI’s for years. There’s just too much in the pipeline for those to get to the top of the queue. It would be a major task to unleash the crazy amount of control Litchi provides.