"Planned" Flight Time / Photos


When mapping out my flight on web browser/iPhone it will say (for example) my flight time is 23 min, planned to take 300 images, and will use 2 batteries. When I arrive on site for same “planned” flight, it ends up taking over 60 min, 1500 images, and 4 batteries.

I have changed overlap settings, flight speed, altitude, etc. I have even confirmed which drone is “planned” for the flight. Still can’t figure out why the “plan details” on this software are not correct.

Any insight? …It has happened on multiple occasions.

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Hi there, welcome to the forum.

What you are describing, is because when you are planning the mission on your browser, the template is set up for a different drone to yours in mind. It seems your drone has a narrower field of vision, meaning it needs more passes, more photos and so more batteries to achieve the same thing. Once you connect your drone to the app, when you get outside to fly, the app readjusts to take into account whatever camera you have on your drone.

Some browsers allow you switch the drone you have in the template when planning the mission, but it always resets when you close it down and open it up again.