Pilot required,Possible GPS lock down at end of mission

With latest version of the flight planning app I am getting GPS lock lost error;Pilot Required message.
This only ocurrs at the end of the mission.During multiple battery missions everything goes well till drone is about to land and error message appears.Drone lands normally nonetheless.
After the error warning all telemetrics continue running.

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Hi @pauldrone, please reference this thread.

…and follow this one.

Thanks Dave… :ok_hand:

You closed the thread that you linked to. This following is open.

?I’m not sure I follow? People can still see it right? Just not reply to it. I linked the updated thread at the bottom.

Reference, sure. “Follow” kind of implies continuing interaction, yes? :slightly_smiling_face:
Not a big deal.

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I suppose so, lol. I fixed it.

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