Pictures taken on different days

Has anyone taken pictures on different days and combine them when loading them into drone deploy and gotten good results? Since I can’t always get all the pictures I want on one day I was thinking about taking some one day and then the rest later on or the next day.

Hey @coxchr,

This is generally not a good practice; since the lighting conditions will be different you will most likely run into stitching issues, you might be able to make the map on the first day, export it and then on the second day remap adding in the map you already created from the day before. Again, i am not sure how good the stitching will work out but if it is a must that will most likely end up with the best result.

Scott Lashmit

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I have done this, but with mixed results. I actually had to use two different flight planners as well because Drone Deploy wouldn’t load my flight. Two issues that I ran into was that between my two planners the elevation was different so the final map looks like there is a significant jump up to a third of it. Also, like the previous guy mentioned there lighting was drastically different on one day compared to the other two and its obvious in the final render.

If you can’t complete it one day figure out the reasoning why. It may be you need to purchase more batteries and or an onsite charging system be it gas generator or battery bank from solar. If this isn’t possible then let the client know the possible side affects of shooting on different days and see if they are comfortable with it. If not then either fix the problem or recommend someone who can get it done in a day.